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Globally Inspired Vegan Kitchen

We Simply Love Food 

Food – inarguably is fundamental to life but it is also a medium of immense joy and pleasure to one and all alike. Everything from the art of cooking, serving, discussing and eating food consumes a big part of who we are, and who we become. Whether you want to come together to break bread, or celebrate life’s best moments, we are here to share our love of food with you and elevate your dining experience through our dedicated service. 

We Don't Believe in Dividing Cuisines; We Believe in Uniting Them 

Cuisine by definition implies culture, and with culture comes a rich amalgam of roots, experiences, and time. History and circumstance have determined who ate what, and where – dominions on specific cuisines were dictated by country, religion and social stature. Some ate minimally and some ate extravagantly, but the one trait that bonded us all was the need to be eat. Earthen is about that common trait – the joy of eating. We do not define our food as Mediterranean, Indian, American or Fusion; we define ourselves by what we see the world becoming – Human. 

We Are Intensely Real & Honest

Our food is inspired by our experiences, which are global and borrow freely from all that is good, real and sustainable. We respect karma, nature and life. Our motto is to feed what we would eat ourselves and in doing so, being kind to our environment. We strive to serve organic, sustainable and cruelty free products only, and we strongly focus on the freshness of our ingredients and produce. 

To Reiterate.... We Simply Love Food

To sum it all in a few simple words – we were inspired to begin this journey of a new concept through Earthen because we simply love food. Our dishes reflect our belief that food can be just Human – it can focus on flavors rather than conventions. It also reflects our deep-rooted love to help people have fun and build memories through the medium of our art – our food. We promise to share our love for food with you. 

Earthen Team

  • Photo of Yash Shah

    Yash Shah

    Owner & Sommelier

    First, I’d like to thank my family and friends for supporting my insane decision to open a vegan restaurant during a pandemic.

    My journey to hospitality and to opening Earthen is a strange one. I would say it started in 2015, when I 'retired' at 32 years old, but truly I’d have t…